Local Access Numbers

Our list of access number is very extensive and is updated regularly. Please the following tool to find the best number for your location:


Changing/Deleting your Default Gateway Setting

Windows 95 | MacOS/Open Transport | MacOS/Classic Networking | Other Systems

On Windows 95

1) From the desktop, open My Computer.
2) Open Control Panel.
3) Open Network.
4) From the Configuration tab, select "TCP/IP". If you have more than one instance of TCP/IP, select "TCP/IP -> Dial-Up Adapter". Hit the Properties button.
5) Go to the Gateway tab.
6) If you do not have anything under Installed gateways, simply close all windows. You're done.
7) If you have any number under Installed gateways, select it and hit the Remove button. Close all windows. Windows may ask you to restart your computer; if so, you must do this before the setting will take effect.

On MacOS/Open Transport

1) From the Apple Menu, select Control Panels.
2) Open TCP/IP. If you do not have a TCP/IP Control Panel, but instead have a MacTCP Control Panel, please use the Classic Networking instructions below.
3) If you do not have anything listed under "Router address", simply close the window. You're done.
4) If you have any number listed under "Router address", delete that entry. Close the window, save your configuration, and you're done.

On other systems

Please consult your documentation, or contact Bitwise for support at support@bitwise.net or 617-737-1837.

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