CGI scripting procedures

To upload and activate a CGI script on your Bitwise home page:

First, you must have the "Web B" access package. If you do not, you will not be able to have your scripts activated.

Once you have created a script, upload it to the root of your home directory and send email to letting us know you have done so. We will check your script for any errant program calls or other security issues (unintended, of course), and then move it to the /cgi-bin directory and bless it as executable. We will then return email you to let you know it is ready. In a typical situation, this entire process should take easily less than two business days.

A few notes:

  • We only accept source code. We do not accept compiled executables. If you have a need to write a script in a compiled language, contact us first.
  • We have made availabe the standard CGI library version 2.12. It is named and is also located in /usr/local/cgi-bin. See the full text of

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