Corporate Dialup | Corporate ISDN

Corporate Dialup

Bitwise offers organizations of all sizes a cost-effective way to connect to the Internet through its Corporate Dialup Internet Access service. The Corporate Dialup service allows five or more members of your organization to access the Internet via modem. All hourly usage is pooled allowing individuals to vary their monthly Internet use without incurring unnecessary charges. A single monthly statement summarizing all accounts reduces administrative overhead and simplifies payment.


Monthly Rates

Base-- $50.00
5 accounts & 150 hours/month
Additional Account-- $10.00
(includes 25 hours/month)
Additional Usage Hours-- $30.00
150 hours/month
Additional Usage Hours-- $75.00
500 hours/month
E-mail-only account (No Dial-up Service)-- $5.00
Charges for additional e-mail boxes apply

Corporate Dialup | Corporate ISDN

Corporate ISDN Internet Access

Bitwise offers an affordable way to connect your corporate LAN to the Internet using high-speed ISDN technology. Provide your network users with all the benefits of a full-time digital Internet connection, such as: your own domain name (, email, World-Wide-Web, newsgroups, and more. Bitwise provides full-service setup, installation, and maintenance, eliminating any technical headaches.

Every Corporate ISDN Internet Connection includes:

ISDN Internet Access rates:

Setup & Installation - $3,600
Monthly (based on usage) - $195-$595 (plus telco charges)

We will work with you. Contact Bitwise for a complete quotation.

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