Using Bitwise Internet's Web Counter

      Bitwise Internet Technologies now has a counter program you can use to keep track of how may times your Web site has been accessed. The counter can be used by any Bitwise Internet user on any page hosted on our servers.

      Many thanks are due to Steven Dick. Our counter program is a minor modification on his original source code. He has graciously allowed free use of his source code to all who will use it for good purposes. His documentation can be found at

Basic Examples:

      Here are 2 examples of the basic function of the Web counter program. These 2 examples show how to use the counter with the 2 fonts that are currently available.
      You can copy the code directly from here, but you'll need to change the xxx Page ID Tag to a unique tag of your own. To create a unique Page ID Tag, replace the xxx with your username (i.e. johndoe). If you have a number of pages and want counters for each of them, replace the xxx with your username followed by a unique number (i.e. johndoe14). And use a different number on each page.

      Either of these lines of HTML code, when placed on a Web page and given a unique Page ID Tag, will display a count of how many times the page has been visited.

For a basic Web counter using the default "odometer" font:
Code: <img src="">

For a basic Web counter using the "digital" font:
Code: <img src="">

Stay tuned:

We'll be updating this page as we finish testing more of this program's functions.

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