Configuring Eudora Light

How to set up Eudora Light for use with your Bitwise email account

What you will need:

  • Your Bitwise Internet Dialup Account Configuration sheet
  • A copy of Eudora Light. Eudora Light is shareware, available from or other popular shareware sites.

    If Eudora Light is not already installed, install it. Follow the setup instructions that come with Eudora Light.

    Open Eudora Light. If you have just installed it, you should be see a configuration box. If you are using a previous version of Eudora Light, click on the "Tools" menu and choose "Optionsimages_files.".

    In the configuration box, click on the "Getting Started" icon from the list on the left. Then, enter your email adress in the "POP account" field. Your email address is your username, followed by the "@" symbol, followed by "". For instance, my username is davida, and my email address is Then, in the "Real name" field, enter your real name. Please note that this name will be displayed in all email you send from this copy of Eudora Light. The "Connection Method" should be left at "Winsock" for PC users, or "MacTCP" for Mac users.

    Now click on the "Hosts" icon on the left. You should see your email address already entered in the "POP account" field. If it is not, go back to "Getting Started" and re-enter it. Then, in the "SMTP" field, enter "" (without the quotes). This is the address of your mail server here at Bitwise. You can leave the "Ph" and "Finger" fields blank.

    That's all you need to do for a simple setup of Eudora light! Try checking your mail images_files. try sending mail to all your friends! If your friends don't have email accounts, call them up and gloat, then tell them to call Bitwise!

    For further information, such as setting a signature, checking your mail automatically, and other goodies, click on the "Help" menu in Eudora and choose "Topics". You can also get help from the Eudora Light web page at Qualcomm's site. If you are having problems connecting to Bitwise, please call technical support at 261-4700.

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