Setting up Apple's Classic Networking for use with Bitwise

or, using MacTCP and FreePPP

You will need:

These instructions assume that you are not already on a network. If you are, please consult your network administrator for instructions. If you follow these instructions, you may lose your network connectivity.

We recommend using the most current release versions of MacTCP and FreePPP.

If you are currently using "ConfigPPP," we recommend switching to FreePPP. FreePPP has a much better external interface and is more flexible; the internal operations are basically the same as ConfigPPP.

If not already installed, run the FreePPP Setup application, and follow it's instructions.

If not already installed, install MacTCP, and follow it's instructions.

If you are using Apple's Open Transport, either follow the Open Transport Instructions or use Apple's Network Software Selector to switch to Classic Networking. The Network Software Selector was installed onto your machine during the System 7.5.3 or System 7.5 Update 2 installation.

and now, on to the setup images_files.

The FreePPP icon should now be present on your menu bar. It looks like a globe and a telephone. From that FreePPP menu, choose "Open FreePPP Setupimages_files."

FreePPP menu screenshot

The FreePPP Setup application should open up. The first time you run it, it will open up to the "General" tab. If it is not there already, click on the "General" tab. If you do not see the area with the "General", "Accounts", and "Locations" tabs, click the small triangle in the bottom left to expand the FreePPP screen. The settings here are up to you. Set them up as you like.

Now click the "Modem Setup" button. The settings here should be correct images_files. "Modem speaker on while connecting" and "Hangup on disconnect" are both checked, and "AutoDetect init string" is selected. The rest of the options are not selected.

FreePPP Setup screenshot

Click on the "Accounts" tab.

FreePPP menu screenshot

Your FreePPP Setup application may not have any accounts listed. Click on "New" to create your Bitwise connection. You will get another dialog box, with three more tabs on it. click the "Account" tab, and fill in the following information:

Now click the "Connection" tab.

Now click the "Options" tab.

Domain name - I'm not used, Primary DNS - me either, Secondary DNS - ditto, IP address - assigned by PPP server

It should look exactly like the picture above.

Click "OK". Select the "General" tab again, and click the "Open MacTCP" button.

MacTCP screenshot

You are now looking at the MacTCP control panel. The top section lists all of your possible connection options. In this case, select "FreePPP". When you click on the FreePPP icon in MacTCP, it will highlight. Ignore the "IP Address" for now, and click "Moreimages_files.".

MacTCP screenshot

This is the main MacTCP configuration screen. There are a few steps to follow here.

Close the MacTCP control panel and the FreePPP setup application. That's it! If your Mac asks you to restart, go ahead. Otherwise, you're all set to connect to Bitwise!

See ya on the 'net!

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