Bitwise Spam and Abuse Policy

Bitwise does not allow spam. "Spam" is loosely defined as bulk, unsolicited email or postings to Usenet. While we understand the need of businesses to advertise, we are concerned with the privacy of our customers and our peers elsewhere on the Internet.

Bitwise does not censor; we simply respect the Internet.

Bitwise holds all of its customers to the "Bitwise Abuse Policy", as defined below.

Bitwise Abuse Policy

  1. Usage of a Bitwise account constitutes acceptance of this policy.

  2. Abuse of account will result in termination with no refund.

  3. In cases of massive email or Usenet spams, abusive account holders will be billed a fifty dollar service fee, with an additional twenty five dollars per complaint received, one dollar per each address attempted and three dollars per incorrect email address returned to Bitwise.

  4. Account abuse is defined as abuse of network. The definition of abuse of network is left to the sole discretion of Bitwise Internet Technologies, Inc.

  5. Use of your account for illegal purposes also falls under the definition of abuse. If Bitwise has proof (as defined by a court of law) of your account being used for illegal purposes you must desist or have your account shut off. If Bitwise is made aware of illegal activity, we are under obligation to, and will, report the activity to and cooperate with authorities as defined by law.

  6. For example, the following would be defined as abuse of network. The following is by no means an exhaustive list.
    1. Spamming (large-scale unsolicited email and/or Usenet postings).
    2. Violations and attempted violations of system & network security.
    3. "Denial of service" attacks.

  7. Account holders agree to indemnify Bitwise Internet Technologies, Inc. for all legal fees and legal settlements made against Bitwise Internet Technologies, Inc. due to any litigation regarding the account holder's actions.

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