If I'm connecting my network to the Internet do I need a firewall?

Absolutely. Connecting your network to the Internet gives millions of people direct access to your company's computer systems and data. If you don't protect your network from unwanted intruders you're inviting attack.

Every day computer criminals are developing, sharing, and stealing a vast array of new and more sophisticated tools with which to break into your network. Numerous companies that employ "low-cost" security precautions such as choke routing have discovered too late that these methods won't even slow a thief down.

It's not only professional thieves that you need to protect your network from. Tens of thousands of computer "hackers" are constantly exploring and probing unprotected computers on the Internet. Often what starts out as harmless exploration by these computer "entusiasts" turns into the accidental destruction of valuable data.

Experts agree that the only true protection for your network comes from developing appropriate security policies and installing a professionally developed and configured firewall system.

How will a firewall protect my network?

A firewall is a computer system which runs a highly specialized software application dedicated to protecting your network from attack. The firewall creates a physical barrier that stands between your network and the Internet. Every piece of data coming and going from your network is scrutinized by the firewall. By default, the firewall blocks any movement of data on or off your network. Only data from authenticated users, performing authorized tasks, are allowed to pass through the firewall.

What features should I look for in a firewall?

The critical nature of what a firewall does supports the axiom that "less is more". The very "features" that a firewall may include can compromise its intergrity and therefore that of your network. Firewalls should never run application-type programs such as World-Wide Web servers, sendmail, or FTP since the complex nature of these applications makes it impossible to insure that they do not inadvertently provide insecure "backdoor" openings to your network.

The only features that should be included in a firewall are numerous options for the positive authentication of users and methods for authorizing approved tasks. A good firewall will make the process of authentication and authorization as transparent as possible to end-users, otherwise, the users themselves will seek to defeat the firewall.

Why should I choose PORTUS as my firewall?

When selecting a firewall you want the product that will best protect your network and valuable data assets. Of all the firewall products available, none offers better protection than PORTUS.

PORTUS was designed from the ground up for a single purpose---security. Unlike many other firewalls that offer lots of "features", PORTUS's sole aim is to protect your network from attack. PORTUS doesn't run application-type programs and it replaces necessary, but insecure, services like sendmail with secured versions. The only features that are added to PORTUS are enhancements to its ability to protect your network.

Along with protecting networks from outside intruders, PORTUS' designers recognized that a firewall needs to provide authorized users with seamless access to Internet resources. That's why PORTUS supports SOCKS and proxy-based access for all major Internet services. PORTUS is the only firewall that provides proxy services for products like Lotus notes, X-Windows, and secure inbound FTP access.

Some PORTUS benefits include:
Lotus Notes Support Secure Inbound Access
PORTUS is the only firewall that provides authorized users at other sites or on the road with secure access to internet Notes servers. PORTUS supports multiple concurrent strong authentication methods including: CRYPTOcard and SecureNet.
Proven Technology Protection from Within and Without
PORTUS v4.0 is a second generation firewall. Tens of thousands of users and millions of dollars in assets are currently being protected by PORTUS. PORTUS not only secures your internal network from outside intruders, it can also be configured to protect departments within your organization from each other.

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