Today the Internet poses enormous challenges even to sophisticated users. Hackers are armed with a vast array of advanced tools -- from packet sniffers to virus generating toolkits -- that enable them to easily target a single computer or an entire network. How secure is your network and your data without any special protection? The ubiquitous Windows™ operating system has a stockpile of bugs even experienced system administrators cannot eradicate without the use of firewalls. In fact, Microsoft assumes that a Windows™-based Internet server would be protected by a firewall! (MS03-026) Bitwise Internet Technologies has been providing Internet security solutions, including firewalls and security consulting, to businesses for the past 10 years. And while most of our customers are small to medium-sized enterprises (SME), we have covered the range from home-office startups to large multi-campus organizations. If you are an individual who takes the challenges of the information age seriously, be it for yourself or for your business, we will put together a customized and affordable package of security products and services to address your needs.
Whenever you want to divide your workstations into separate clusters in order to manage the network traffic more efficiently, whether across the street or across the state, you need a router. In today's interconnected, always online world, with its ever increasing demands of bandwidth and network performance, a specialized fleet of routers is an absolute necessity. Bitwise Internet Technologies offers an array of customized products that deliver the quality and value our customers expect. Using scalable open-source components, we custom-tailor the solution to your specific needs based in part on the size of your organization and its potential to grow, connectivity optimization of the existing network, and considerations for existing hardware and software. Here are just a few of our flagship router products:
Concentrators — Perfect for schools, cities and towns, and any other organization that needs to interconnect a multitude of locations with moderately high bandwidth requirements.
VPN routers — featuring data encryption and tunneling to establish secure communications between remote endpoints. Configurations offered but not limited to: laptop-to-office (roadwarrior), office-to-office, and VPN-mesh (secure interconnection of several intranets). Laptop-to-office is an indispensible solution for any organization whose members are on the road much of the time — have shared data at your fingertips no matter where you are!
Any modern network requires a number of functions best fulfilled by a server. Printing, file sharing, telephone, email and website pages are so essential that we take them for granted and would not be able to work effectively without them. To make sure that you never have to experience the discomfort and loss of productivity without these and other essential services, Bitwise Internet Technologies offers a vast array of very reliable yet affordable servers to satisfy almost any business need:
File and Print —these servers are essential to the business process today. By allowing multiple users to share documents and printers, they facilitate collaboration and improve efficiency. Our servers are built for utmost reliability using dependable components and robust yet easy to manage operating software.
Telephone —while noone attempts to run a business without the telephone, many companies are living with old technology that can do little more than ring a phone or take a message. Our software PBX is designed to make using it as easy and as efficient as possible, including computer desktop integration, advanced conferencing from any phone, follow-me call routing, and many more.
Paperless Fax —receives standard facsimile documents and automatically converts them to electronic ones which you can review on your screen without printing, print multiple copies, retrieve remotely, or forward to anyone else. Our fax servers offer a multitude of features that will save you time and money.
Email —can you picture the world without email? Of course not! It is as pervasive as the telephone and has become more common than an old fashioned letter. In fact, all of us take it for granted and rarely stop to consider the issues of privacy, confidentiality and reliability. Unfortunately there are those who do not respect our needs. Why put up with spammers that bombard commercial mailboxes beyond their capacity or with inquisitive providers (and some government agencies) that choose to peruse your email? Take control of your corporate communications with an email server built by Bitwise Internet Technologies.
Web —in the past five years companies from all over the world realized how important their web presence really is. We deploy web servers armed with advanced technologies, bullet-proof operating software and ultra-reliable (even redundant) hardware.
**While the IBM RS/6000 AIX "commercial" servers have always been priced somewhat higher than the ubiquitous Intel-based offerings, the added expense might be well justified -- we have delivered and managed one of these servers that despite the periodic software maintenance had stayed on-line for over 900 days without a reboot!

We fully support all the above listed products to guarantee your long-term satisfaction with their performance. In addition we offer high-quality support and consulting services for any of your other networking needs.

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