Uploading your web page to Bitwise

So images_files. you've written a web page, and you'd like to get it live on the web!

Okay. The object here is to get the pages into the public_html directory, within your home directory.

Here's the trick! If you log in with an ftp program using your username and password, you will automatically be placed in your home directory! Nice, huh? Once you're there, simply move into your public_html directory and upload all of your pages and images.

Now, you're set to go! Your pages can be accessed from the web at:

Again, [username] is your username. Make sure to include the tilde (~) before your username. [pagename] is the name of your homepage, with extension (if your page ends in .htm or .html, make sure to include it in the http address!)

Another trick! If you name your home page "home.html" or "home.htm", then it will be automatically loaded whenever anyone goes to the address:

here, you must make sure to include the forward slash at the end of the address.

Enjoy your stay on the web images_files.

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